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Homeowner Insurance

from Malone Insurance

Alaska Home Insurance

You know the old saying about people who live in glass houses. The insurance professionals at Malone Insurance don’t recommend that anyone throw stones indoors, and we encourage you to exercise caution if you ever engage in literal stone throwing outdoors as well. However, we know that accidents happen, whether or not stones are involved. When you need a great insurance agency with a sense of humor and a thorough understanding of homeowners insurance options, you can count on us.

Traditional Homeowners Coverage

Many of our customers come to us for standard homeowners insurance. We provide protection such as dwelling and property insurance, belongings coverage, medical liability and personal liability to several homeowners with primary dwellings in rural Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula. We understand that no two homes, like no two people, are exactly the same, so we offer a variety of customizable policy options including variable deductibles and limits.

Seasonal Homeowners Insurance

One of our most popular specialty products is seasonal homeowners insurance. If you need to insure your Alaskan summer home or have another type of seasonal dwelling to protect, we can help you with a policy especially written to fit your circumstances. While some of our customers protect both primary and seasonal dwellings through Malone Insurance, we do not require a primary home policy in order to insure your seasonal home. When shopping with us for vacation home insurance, you can choose from the following features:

  • Comprehensive property coverage to address most sudden and direct accidental losses
  • Named peril coverage to address damages and losses due to perils specifically set forth in your policy, subject to certain conditions or exclusions
  • Personal liability coverage for yourself and family who live with you
  • Actual cash value coverage to reimburse you based on the value or repair cost of damaged property minus your deductible
  • Agreed loss settlement options in the event of a total loss that is covered by your policy
  • Replacement cost or extended replacement cost coverage to reimburse you for replacement value of destroyed items, minus any applicable deductibles
  • Scheduled personal property coverage for jewelry, antiques, furs, sports equipment and other valuable or expensive items

Contact us today to learn more about affordable, customizable home insurance options. We look forward to helping you find the right coverage for your home, your family and your life.